Association Introduction

The China-Europe Travel Service Confederation was established in 2016 and is headquartered in Munich, Germany. It is a non-profit social group voluntarily joined and jointly certified by many outstanding professional tour guides, tourism bureaus, travel agencies, etc., and belongs to Kaiyuan Travel Group. After years of steady development, the European Travel Service Confederation has trained hundreds of excellent tourism practitioners for the European Chinese tourism industry, and has created and provided countless employment opportunities for it. It has also held several seminars on the tourism service industry chain and service quality, and is committed to providing the most professional tourism services for Chinese people traveling to Europe.

 The purpose of the association: to promote the exchange and cooperation of European Chinese tourism practitioners, to better establish and maintain a good image of the tourist service window industry, to regulate the order in the industry, and to ensure that the team develops in a healthy, sustainable and healthy direction. After the establishment of the association, it has been carrying out situation analysis and evaluation on the quality of tourism products and services, promoting and supervising practitioners to improve service quality and level, providing skills training, organizing seminars on service exchange and management theory in the industry, etc., and actively promoting Europe The development of Chinese tourist service staff has grown.