Kaiyuan Travel Group

Kaiyuan Travel Group was founded in Germany in October 2002. Since its inception, it has always adhered to a professional development strategy based on overseas advantages. After nearly two decades of intensive innovation, it has developed into a comprehensive multinational enterprise group integrating Chinese media, travel ticketing services, cross-border e-commerce, cultural and educational exchanges, immigration real estate services and public welfare funds. With its headquarters in Munich as the core, it has successively established branches in China, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Australia, Vietnam and other countries, and currently employs nearly 500 people. Kaiyuan Travel Group is now the chairman of the German Chinese Chamber of Commerce.
The business composition of Kaiyuan Travel Group mainly includes the following sections: Kaiyuan Media, Kaiyuan Tourism, Kaiyuan Ticketing, Kaiyuan Logistics, Cross-border E-commerce, Business Consulting, Study Tour Training, and Immigration Education.

Kaiyuan Media

Kaiyuan Media is a comprehensive multimedia company that operates the German Channel of People's Daily Overseas Website, Kaiyuan Wechat Public Account, Kaiyuan Website Forum, Kaiyuan Official Weibo, German Food App, Kaiyuan Chinese Community Mini Program, and Europe's first Chinese language Travel magazine "New Century Travel Europe Travel", and other new and old media formats.
Founded in 2002 as the core of Kaiyuan Media, Kaiyuan.com is a comprehensive website integrating academic, information, business, and entertainment. With more than one million registered members, it is one of the most informative interactive platforms in German in Chinese.
In 2015, Kaiyuan.com and People's Daily Overseas Network reached a cooperation agreement to co-found the German version of People's Daily Overseas Channel, which is also the first national channel of People's Daily Overseas Network in Europe.
Kaiyuan.com WeChat public account was established in 2015 and is one of the most popular and most read information WeChat public accounts in Germany. It has more than 100,000 fans and more than 1,000 original manuscripts, including several articles with more than 100,000 views. , The highest click volume is more than 1.5 million. Kaiyuan also has dozens of large professional WeChat groups with audiences in more than 20 major cities such as Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin, and Hamburg. In addition to the German version, Kaiyuan.com's WeChat account has semicolons in France and Northern Europe, "Hello France", "No. 34 Xiangjie", and "Hello Nordic".
Kaiyuan media magazine "Europe Travel" was launched in 2015. The magazine is a quarterly magazine with a circulation of 20,000 copies. A total of 25 issues have been issued, which is a well-made and rich tourism and leisure boutique magazine.
In order to build a bridge for cultural exchanges and development between China and Europe, Kaiyuan.com has long maintained close cooperation with well-known domestic media including CCTV, People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Jiangsu Satellite TV, Hunan Satellite TV, Phoenix Satellite TV, etc. "Miss", "If You Are The One", "You Are The One", "One Stop To The End", Old Guoan Players German Exchange, "Super Girl" and a series of high-rating programs.

Kaiyuan Tourism

Kaiyuan launched a tourism channel in 2006, which officially involved the overseas Chinese tourism market. In 2015, it won the favor of the capital market and won the Zhongxin Tourism Strategic Investment of China's first private listed tourism company. After more than ten years of development, it has become a leading tourist group with high strength and high service standard in overseas Chinese tourism enterprises.
Kaiyuan Tourism is committed to providing customers with the most professional and high-quality one-stop travel services at home and abroad. The company currently has thousands of rich tourism products, covering various forms of tourism including destination bus tours, individual travel, semi-self-help tours, customized groups, theme tourism, business exhibitions, and official receptions. . With continuous improvement of the service system, innovative corporate style and the pursuit of excellence in German quality, it has been widely recognized by customers, the industry and the media, and more than 100,000 tourists choose Kaiyuan to travel every year.
As a leader in the European tourism industry, Kaiyuan Tourism has won many industry awards: 2015 China Tourism Internet Special Achievement Award, 2015 Best European Local Travel Booking Platform, 2016 China Tourism Internet Special Achievement Award, 2016 Best European Local Travel Booking Platform , 2017 National Tourism Industry Award, Best Quality Tour Supplier Brand, 2017 Preferred Overseas Destination Product Operator, 2018 Best Global Destination Product Booking Platform, 2019 "CTW Welcome Chinese Tourist Award" Product Innovation Category Award, etc. .

Kaiyuan Ticketing

Kaiyuan Air Tickets is an international IATA first-class agent. It has a professional agent Call Center, covering ticket sales in Europe and China. It cooperates with more than 300 airlines and has more than 5,000 destinations on Air China routes and special fares in Europe . Kaiyuan is also the first-level agent of major cruise companies and river companies in the world. Cruise bookings cover all sea areas in Europe, the European river basin, the Middle East, the Asia-Pacific and the Caribbean. The current cruise line companies are Royal Caribbean, MSC, Costa and Pullmantur; the shipping line companies are Viking River Line (high-end enjoyment) and DCS River Line (mass leisure). At the same time, Kaiyuan's travel service integrates various resources including air tickets, hotels, train tickets, etc., through the butler-type professional customer service, combined with multiple settlement methods, is committed to providing personalized travel booking services for corporate customers.

Kaiyuan Logistics

Kaiyuan's logistics subsidiary, focusing on the logistics field, has thousands of square meters of local warehouses in Germany. It mainly deals in parcel logistics, Haitao transshipment, Amazon warehouse labeling and label change, and Sino-German logistics. And other logistics options. In terms of parcel processing, we have a professional management system and processing team. No matter from warehousing management and order operation, or from packaging reinforcement and processing speed, we adhere to a rigorous, professional and fast attitude to provide you with high-quality and reliable parcel services.

Business Inquiries

Kaiyuan Travel Group's business consulting department, with professional German local lawyers and accountants as partners, provides professional legal and tax consulting related to the establishment of a company in Germany. Its services cover overseas company registration, business hosting and operation, immigration planning consulting, Business negotiations, exchanges with overseas companies, etc. At the same time, the Ministry of Business Consulting also maintains good cooperative relations with European government agencies, local enterprises and organizations and associations. It provides official visits for domestic enterprises and government delegations at all levels, handles invitation-related matters, and assists in establishing business customer contacts and development. Partnership.
In addition, Kaiyuan Business also provides professional exhibitions and awards services for provincial and municipal governments at all levels, large multinational banks, Chinese-funded enterprises and universities, and research institutions, and has hosted dozens of large-scale overseas business promotion events and high-end multinational exchange forums. : Such as the Shifu Capital Central and Eastern European Summit Forum, Shanghai International Import Expo Munich Roadshow, European Tourism and Brand Summit, the 4th "Hike Cup" Global Overseas Chinese Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, Sichuan University Munich Promotion Conference, China Anhui Tourism Promotion Conference, "Discover Foshan" Global Roadshow, Guangxi-Germany (Munich) Smart Industrial Governance Symposium, Guangxi-Austria (Vienna) Economic Governance Symposium, etc.

Study Tour

Kaiyuan education and immigration brand "Kaiyuan Star Trails", based on traditional high-end services, launched various education programs and immigration programs covering students to adults, 18 years of European education experience, 200+ German-French-Austrian cooperative colleges, 300+ Western Europe Benchmarking enterprises, 50+ European government cooperation units, 100+ professors and experts, 1000+ corporate customers, 3000+ elites, launch various education programs and immigration programs covering students to adults.
Among them, business training and vocational education have rich professional training experience. The focus is on management training, intelligent manufacturing, and training in the field of circular economy, which has a very high market leadership. As an integral part of overseas education and training, more corporate customers have the opportunity to receive professional training and benefit from what they have learned. The seminar has offices in Germany, France, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Spain and other regions. Education and training institutions, associations, enterprises and other local resources have long-term cooperation, and are committed to the promotion of German business training and vocational education.

Immigration Education

Kaiyuan immigration education has professional resources such as overseas home ownership, asset allocation and rich employer resources in other areas. It provides immigration services in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, all Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries. It adheres to a responsible and rigorous attitude and details the entire process. Prospective perspective, adhere to the concept of altruism, design customized personalized overall solutions, make immigration easier, clearer, more efficient and safer.
The business of the study abroad department involves the promotion of junior high school, preparatory programs for high school students, study abroad programs for art students, undergraduate and master programs for university students studying abroad, and Aupair programs in the field of cultural exchange. The age span is wide, the audience is wide, the content is comprehensive, and you can choose There are many types and they have leading advantages in the same industry.